A Long History of Use

Sucontral D provides a clinically tested extract of a unique plant native to Mexico and Central America called Hintonia latiflora. With a long history of traditional use, this desert tree with white, trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers is known for its ability to withstand an intense climate. This helps concentrate its beneficial compounds that are associated with blood sugar support.

60 Years of Documented Research

While the plant’s benefits had been documented in Mexico and Central America for over 100 years, scientists in Europe were intrigued as to why it worked. In the past 60 years, leading researchers have examined the botanicals effectiveness, in laboratory studies and clinical trials.

Research confirmed that one of the primary compounds in hintonia was coutareagenin, a plyphenol found it its bark. Considered as an important component, scientists investigated further to discover that the whole extract is key to understanding how it works. Each complex constituent of the plant is necessary for the best results. It simply can’t be duplicated outside of nature.

Most of the original research focused on the qualities and compounds in the plant only. More recently, scientists have included synergistic vitamins and trace minerals blended with the extract for even greater benefits.


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